Who am I?

My name is Peter Durrant.

I am an exceptionally lucky husband and father who has the great fortune to be connected to a number of pretty special friends.

A committed Rotarian, an Electrical Fitter by trade – someone who spent nearly 23 years in the Navy, 17 of which were in the Submarine Arm.  So a dedicated Submariner who knows that the older he gets the better he was!

Once a ‘devil-may-care apprentice’ who worked his way up to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with a better attitude to responsibility and accountability now with an MBA in Technology Management.

A passionate practitioner of maintenance engineering a teacher of maintenance planning and a dedicated change agent believing deeply in the dignity and respect for all people.

A lover of life with an enthusiasm toward nature the sea and outdoors; walking in the bush and swimming anywhere at any time.

A card carrying Liberal fascinated by politics, distrustful of party political rhetoric and optimistic for democratic positive change over time by the collective making the right decisions.

One happy & content rooster!


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