What of 2012?

On the last day of the year I normally spend some time thinking about the coming year and next Saturday will be no different, moreover, I developed “The Durrant” plan some time ago, to facilitate this process.

Well maybe I should rename it the “Peter” plan because Kay and the clan certainly don’t refer to it under the collective title. Imagine that!

But it’s interesting how your plan can influence the others around you; in addition to being a source of much mirth!

Earlier in my Blog I stated that one of the reasons for writing was to put my anal thoughts into some semblance of order – the “Durrant” plan is another such vehicle, that and my infamous “spreadsheets”.

Evidence of my insidious influence comes in a number of ways – the son and heir has his “10 Year Plan” and has done so for quite some time now. His plan gets mulched in times of deep reflection normally with a bottle of red wine and some appropriate music and results in personal stimulation to re-set and do. But Dad gets to review changes and I think my input is valued. Makes a Dad happy!

Daughter similarly reflects but on her burgeoning property empire and has been known to call her Father early on a Sunday morning to discuss some of the finer points of spread sheeting. Makes a Dad proud!

But seriously my plan is simple – pay the house off and have $XK available, from which to derive an income in retirement (whatever that is).

So what is in store for Peter in 2012?

The work scene has a number of projects locked in throughout the year, building a solid base for what looks like a very interesting array of work. This is what I call semi-retirement; no longer doing things you don’t enjoy – and all that is planned thus far, looks stimulating and fun. Specifically:

• My Covaris work as Programme Manager Education and Change Management, a most exciting project with Alinta Energy as well as a revamped Planner School suite of courses for me to facilitate

• Our own Company Project Resources (WA) Pty Ltd – growing that business with Kay. There are three arms to the business, our Nu Skin arm (an anti aging direct selling business), a Real Estate arm (property management and property development opportunities) and my Engineering arm (the much valued connection with Covaris Pty Ltd) – lots to do here to attain our vision for the future.

Rotary will take up quite a bit of time and I must plan to dedicate more time to this amazing organisation than I achieved last year. So much to do and so little time!

• Club Service Director for my Club until July supporting Allan Cerinich, then President Elect for 2012-13 supporting Bob Ball and preparing for my Presidential year 2013-14

• New Generations Director for my District 9455

• Member of the District Leadership Committee

• Member of the District Rotary Foundation Committee, specifically the Future Vision Plan Coordination

Then there’s the “Me” stuff, a couple of goals to walk 42km (the marathon distance) and complete the Cape to Cape. There will be subsequent goals in that regard such as the Bibbulmun but a few steps will suffice in 2012.

The point of the exercise is twofold, keeping that hard lost weight off; fitness & health up but more importantly I have grown to cherish my walking time and that will be a special part of my 2012.

Finally 2012 is the year of the Blog you will see may ramblings and jottings appear as I struggle with quality story telling. I am looking forward to reflecting on the Blog this time next year with other reflections just to see what was achieved.


2 thoughts on “What of 2012?

  1. Nice to read your letter online Pete. Have missed hearing from you the past few Christmases. I see you are well planned for the future. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out for you. To do only what you want to do is everyman’s dream!

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