A Waifs kinda morning

Funny how music brings out emotion. Whilst walking – I select different music as my fancy takes me and sometimes by circumstance the selection lands on something specific. Yesterday it just happened to be the Waifs.

The previous night while watching the sun setting over the Indian Ocean at the Sunset Bar, a Waifs song came up and Janet & I chatted about the Waif’s new album ‘Temptation’ lamenting that neither of us had it – yet.

So as I stepped off the next morning for my walk along Cable Beach I hooked into the Waifs – A Brief History – Live, magnificent to say the least.

It starts off with ‘Lighthouse’ and if you haven’t sat down and read the lyrics, do so some day they are thought provoking. My connection with the sea and also thinking about my new life of blogging, set the emotions alight – I was deep in thought.

Sometimes I need a lighthouse for my own;
Because it gets so dark I can’t see which way I’m going;
Oh lighthouse man I’m all at sea;
Shine a little lighthouse light on me

And of course the melody is vibrant and there was a spring in my step.

The next song on this album is ‘London Still’ – which always sweeps me up into a vision of Janet in London at the time this song came out and it always brings a tear to my eye. The whole story of Janet going away to the UK, the day she left I was made redundant (a story for another Blog) so the emotional juices were flowing. This is just walking to Cable Beach – first two songs.

Well Bugger me the second I step onto Cable Beach, song three is started, ‘Take it in’:

Now she’s thinking of the red soil and the mango trees
In her mind she’s still splashing round down on Cable Beach
And her eyes, they are as rich and faraway as the sunset there
She’s not taking in a word I say
Well I might as well be talking to myself

The very second I stepped onto the sand the second stanza entered my earphones.

So now I have the chorus repeating, the emotion of Janet in London (my little baby girl) and the provocative words of Lighthouse swimming in my mind:

Take it in, take it all in
Now is a time that will not come again
Take it in, take it all in
This is a day and It’s here for the living

Well that set the scene for a fabulous walk on the brilliant Cable Beach and this spurned this next Blog entry.


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