Here we go!

At the Big "O" B/Day - 50

It is the end of 2011 quite an extraordinary year for me I turned 58, I gave up grog for the entire year (thanks to my son Gareth) and I have lost 16 kg so far.

I am more energetic, I have additional clarity of mind the cholesterol in under control and all vital signs have improved out of sight.  Nevertheless, this has been but one highlight year – out of quite a number and it is this reflection I shall follow in my Blog.

Whilst this Blog is all about the future it is only from past experiences that I find myself where I am now; happy and content in myself – how good is life!  Had the odd ‘black eye’ or two but hey what a ride thus far.

Setting this up was fun, again supported by Gareth who sent me the link to get me going.  The name is significant “the newusat50plus”, I created a spreadsheet to track weight loss after my 50th birthday called it “The New Us at 50 Plus” .xls.

In the spreadsheet I have a number of tabs which started benignly as ‘Peter’s Exercise’ then sadly meandered from there through, Next Try, The Next Assault, And Again, And Again!! Leaving a litany of failed starts logging steps from the pedometer, minimal weight changes and sporadic exercise regimes – and so it went on.

Then on Monday 31 January 2011 I set the next tab “Last F-ing Time” and here I am much lighter, under 100kg for the first time in over 20 years with the weight heading further South; amazing what a bit of focus and determination can do.

Then there is the initial Photo for this Blog – chosen as one taken in 2003 my 50th birthday in Sydney at Doyles restaurant, Watson’s Bay, in Sydney.  A magnificent lunch with Swampy, Maree, Scott, Caroline and my wonderful wife Kay – good friends, good food and wine, a fan-bloody-tastic day.

It was the 15th November, three days before my actual 50th and lunch was capped off by Scott and me attending the Australia – New Zealand rugby world cup semi-final in Sydney when Australia won 22-10.  I was there, what a way to spend an “Oh” birthday

What do I intend to achieve with this Blog?

Good question Pete – I have had the urge to write for some time now and thought I should just start.  Sitting in Broome for 8 days of reflection, visiting my beautiful and talented daughter Janet it is time to put my anal thoughts into some semblance of order.  Scary thought for all of you reading this.

So here it is started……. where to next; let’s just see where we go.

2011 on the "Cape-to-Cape


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