Posted in December 2011

So this was Christmas

To plagiarise John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” So this was Christmas And what have you done – Pete Another year over And a new one just begun Christmas is over for 2011 and now it’s New Year’s Eve leading right on to 2012 – 42 years since I joined the Navy and commenced … Continue reading

What of 2012?

On the last day of the year I normally spend some time thinking about the coming year and next Saturday will be no different, moreover, I developed “The Durrant” plan some time ago, to facilitate this process. Well maybe I should rename it the “Peter” plan because Kay and the clan certainly don’t refer to … Continue reading

A Waifs kinda morning

Funny how music brings out emotion. Whilst walking – I select different music as my fancy takes me and sometimes by circumstance the selection lands on something specific. Yesterday it just happened to be the Waifs. The previous night while watching the sun setting over the Indian Ocean at the Sunset Bar, a Waifs song … Continue reading

Illiterate by choice or laziness?

Growing up smack bang in the middle of the baby boomer era places you in a defined demographic. You are brand new and the beat generation moves through to the sixties counter-culture; the beatnik, bodgie and widgie make way for the hippie. Growing up in Australia, post World War II, places you in the most … Continue reading

Here we go!

It is the end of 2011 quite an extraordinary year for me I turned 58, I gave up grog for the entire year (thanks to my son Gareth) and I have lost 16 kg so far. I am more energetic, I have additional clarity of mind the cholesterol in under control and all vital signs … Continue reading