Our Political Parties

Political Parties Political Parties are central to an understanding of how Australian politics works.  The parties dominate state and federal parliaments, provide all governments and oppositions, and frame the nature of political debate. The ALP is Australia’s oldest political party, formed in 1890.  The only party to have been continuously represented in the House of … Continue reading

Political Parties and Policy Formulation

I noted on the front page of The Weekend Australian a short time ago (June 2-3 2012) a lead for a story – “Australia’s relationship with China is immature and the federal government lacks clear policy on how to deal with the Country’s biggest trading partner in a climate where xenophobia remains, according to the … Continue reading

The Trip – First Leg to The Isa

Hi I’m Gus the wonder dog, writing about – “the trip” – Bundaberg to Perth with Ross Clarke & Peter Durrant.  This will be in a couple of postings as the trip proceeds and Peter or Ross gives me access to their computers. Peter, who I hadn’t met before, started in Perth at 04:00 on … Continue reading

Scotch College 2002 Valedictory Dinner Speech

A little blast from the past; this spiel was delivered by Peter Collier now the Hon. Peter Charles Collier MLC BA, Dip.Ed. Minister for Energy; Training and Workforce Development; Indigenous Affairs – was then my son’s Politics teacher – how appropriate to be taught by a genuine political aspirant http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/Parliament%5CMemblist.nsf/WAllMembersFlat/Collier,+Peter+Charles?opendocument Peter’s speech was exceptional! To the Headmaster, … Continue reading

The Finale for Economic Renewal

When to Do ER The timing of your Economic Renewal effort is crucial to its success. Choosing the right time to start requires intuition and a knowledge of the inner workings of the community. In general, though, a community is probably ready to work toward bettering itself when one or more of the following conditions … Continue reading

Eight Steps to Economic Renewal

Economic Renewal is a process by which community residents from all walks of life work together to find and develop projects to strengthen their community and its economy. With the exception of the first preparatory step, it’s a series of town meetings, each designed to build on the results of the previous session. At first, … Continue reading

Nine Tools of Economic Renewal

The preceding four principles are the foundation of a smart community’s development efforts–they offer a framework for thinking about how to approach development sustainably. But case studies of successful community development efforts compiled by Rocky Mountain Institute reveal a number of other specific tools you can employ as your community considers ways to strengthen itself. … Continue reading

Four Principles of Economic Renewal

Think, for a moment, about the economy of your community. What makes it work? In many ways a local economy is like a bucket that the community would like to keep full. However, economic buckets invariably have holes in them. Every time someone buys something from outside the community, dollars leak out. To balance the … Continue reading

RMI’s Economic Renewal Program

I have been a student of Small Town Economics for some time, ever since I ran the Town of Leinster, became a Councillor on the Shire of Leonora, sat on the Board of the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission and in 1997 spent time on a Committee for the State Planning Strategy. The State Planning Strategy … Continue reading